lundi, 18 juin 2018

The UN-NATO’s last macabre dance in Lybia.

The United Nations’ office for human rights has called for an official investigation into Gaddafi’s subsequent death. If this ever happened, it would just set the stage for another showroom of mirrors reflecting a fake picture of the truth. In fact a reverse reality.

As a matter of fact, the process of this horrible Westerner-led war in Lybia is concluding the whole scenario as already written since the resolution 1973 was adopted in the UN. What the scenario couldn’t forcecast was the extra time imposed on them to achieve the killing mission of Gaddafi.

A crystal ball is not needed here to come to the conclusion that, the CNT is so politically weak and democratically unfounded that with a living Gaddafi around, inside the country, their autocratic regime full of amateurism would have been in jeapordy.

The achievement of the mission absolutely required Gaddafi’s death, as a prerequisite. The ICC condamnation amounting for distraction. Now, being perfectly aware of whom they are holding their power and of their duties towards their heading partners, we express a sense of pity for those rebels.

A Collective criminal Job

A UN investigation in that global framework of crime is just another imposture the world will have to endure. The story is already told : Rebels are assuming the responsability of the killing. They beat the man, tortured him and shot him three times to death. The UN can’t said the opposite, since they co-authored the script, a French Mirage Jet and an American Drone performed the last mortuary hellfire missiles shot, somewhere over the roads of Sirte : the hometown of the hunted man named Muammar Gaddafi on Thursday the 20th October.

An investigation ? The rebels are endorsing the whole crime. What they couldn’t voiced - but every body knows that - is they were already briefed, from the very beginning of the "Odyssey Dawn" operation, by the NATO to kill Gaddafi, as soon as they capture him. This is a collective criminal Job. So the UN will be investigating a crime involving their full cooperation and participation. For What ?

Picture. Sofia Norning News

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