dimanche, 22 avril 2018

International responses to Libya Crisis are not at all convincing

The tornado wind of change that is shaking up the Middle East is carrying on a bolder change on Diplomatic and foreign affairs and on the ways the world has been ruled inside a distorted game of free dominant countries controling and writing the rules. The regime of total impunity and immunity on every topics derivating from that dominant position is in question today in the Middle East revolt.

In Iraq, the bad elected Prime Minister, Al-Maliki is discovering government must and should solve the problems of the people. Under pressure from the street, he has given only 100 days to his ministers to come up with results and solutions for the peoples demands within that delay or be fired.

In France, the Foreign Minister, Alliot Marie was forced to give her resignation urging the sunday partial reshuffle french government. This is the second time in the last 30 years of french political history a Minister has to resign after a series of disqualificative actions. The two cases of minister’s resignations have occured within a period of 3 months. 3 months ago, the Minister of Budget, Eric Woerth, has to offer his resignation due to a financial collusion between government fiscal policies and the funding of the presidential party. At the time of that political scandal, Mr. Woerth was still occupying his post of Treasurer of the party and ruling the Budget Minister. Indeed, it was enough.

Besides those two visible changes, is also morality inside diplomatic relationships and international institutions. This will be one of the great topics to come. Who is ruling those institutions ? How far are democratic principles respected ? How that global non democratic internationally established order has derivated to a two-side world. On one hand, promotion of human rights, respect of freedoms. On the other side, undercitizenship inside the dominions.

To wrap up the package, human rights organisations are on the ground as substitutes to western countries. On the whole, the system is completely locked by the dominants.

Morality is also in question when ailing europeans and others that have required Libyan’s financial help for their economy are now leading the frozen assets measures against Libya and Kadhafi. Perhaps, this is a cautious measure devoted to prevent Kadhafi to use the money for fraudulent purposes or criminal ones. Having said that, it is clear that we are here at the highest point of cheating, confiscation and abuse of power. Any Lawyer could easily state the confusion and the cheat here.

When countries needed Libyan reserves for their economic recovery Libya was called for help and Libya did help in fact, particularly in Italy. During those days, the security council and the human rights council were not part of the deals, nor even Libyan people. Seriously, how do you want a man or a family who is feeling defrauded and abused to react ?

As if that was not enough, some europeans leaders are asking President Kadhafi to go “Now”. President Sarkozy was the first to speak up. David Cameron is doing the same today. During Egypt Turmoil, Danish Premier asked President Mubarak to quit power.

People are dying, people are being murdered, innocent people are fired up. This is a non negociable point. All this is true. But those are part of the consequences of the immorality on international standards.

While supporting demonstrators, western leaders should have helped to pacify the situation, using other words, other methods, and extended an official powerful sincere and consistent hand - not a blow to knock down - to Arabs leaders, in total transparency, to meet the demands of the people. That possible way through has not been approached. Instead, the use of force, domination, threats and protection of selfish interests have deployed they insanity and noisy developments worsening a situation that could have been in control, including by immigration, as part of the answer of the demands of the Middle East Revolt peoples.

Poor diplomacy

Nobody has the right to ask Arab’s leaders to leave their countries. Not even their own peoples.


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