mercredi, 22 novembre 2017

Latvian Govt Resigns over Deadly Supermarket Collapse. South Africa should follow the move.

The government of Latvia’s Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has just resigned over a deadly supermarket collapse. Photo EPA/BGNES for (Sofia News)

Latvia’s Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis announced Wednesday his personal resignation and the one of the entire government.

Dombrovskis made the announcement at a meeting with the country’s President Andris Berzins, Latvian media, cited by the BBC, reported.

"The country needs a government which is capable of resolving the situation which has emerged," Dombrovskis was quoted as saying by the Baltic news agency Delfi.

It is also reported that the move was prompted by a deadly collapse of the roof of a supermarket last Thursay in the capital Riga. At least 54 people died in what is the worst disaster in the country after it became independent after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Source. Sofia News.

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