lundi, 18 juin 2018

Lybia War reporting. The conspiracy of silence from Western media.

As it is becoming clear that this war in Lybia will end the Iraqi’s way with no winner or loser in sight (without or with the western NATO powers assassination of Gaddafi), the Lybian war has already succeeded enlightening three major facts to emphasize on, again and again.

First. Western global media are no longer reliable, when it comes to reporting over geopolitic’s underground games. Not only the Libyan case fits the global media’s distortion frame, but, over all, the cases concerning countries outside the Western pattern dominion would and have always been distortedly reported, jumping over the cynical face of the West while exagerating or giving support to the unchecked and false accusations over African leaders and Arabic in particular. The latest manufactured false evidences of Gaddafi forces engaged in an all-out rapt process as a weapon of war are just one of those made accusations echoed by western corporate media along with the recall of the legitimacy of the no-fly zone mission over Lybia. So called for the protection of civilians. From the outset, any sane person knew this was a fake pretext.

But, western corporate media silence over the true rationales and motives of the war and the lies surrounding the whole process of a fake UN resolution authorizing the destruction of a country and the legalisation of a self proclaimed Group of Rebels lacking the support of the Lybian population, the kind of what we have seen in Tunisia and Egypt and are witnessing in Yemen, for example, is ongoing - the case of Syria being more complex to deal with, for the moment, as we are moving here in deep and muddy waters.

Wikileaks cables contain the explanations of the reasons behind the concealed western war in Lybian. “Like the rest of the corporate media, Britain’s leading liberal newspaper knows but is not telling”. What a regression of deontology. What a treason of that Noble cause of the Press as an institution. Indeed a regretable shift back to the old World of censorship going along with dictatorship. May be western press groups are protecting themselves from the rage of their Western leaders and presidents presiding to the murders schemes abroad. This is a calculation that can hit back. Protecting censorship or dictatorial regimes is a wrong path to follow.

Read the real Lybian war motives here. Three Little Words : Wikileaks, Libya , Oil.

Second. Western powers will step back at nothing in the face of greed abuses in extracting oil businesses. Cheating on the local populations, western companies have already done, spoliating raw materials they would remain doing, unless somebody stops them. They are two ways to do so. The first one was the role of the media. But forget about that. Those corporate media are just feeding the news with what their masters told them to. They are promoting freedoms for the others whereas they are not. The case extends hypocrisy. It is deception and snake language.

Third. While the two precedent points are on the Western consciousness to deal with, that third one is essential to the other parts of the World for, it enlightens the lack of regional powerful institutions as alternatives to the cynical and lunatic Western rules so stamped "international laws". In that perspective, criticizing Western powers is now a waste of time and obsolete. Time has come for the establishment of regional institutions to cope with their businesses and keep western toxic influence from meddling, degrading and killing leaders elsewhere, when they fail short to dictate their conditions to them.

As a matter of fact, the longer this process will be waiting, the harder the woes would be. As long as African countries would continue to cope like a herd of cattle behind Western International Institutions framed up after WWII to perpetrate their dominion over the World, they would be doing just one thing : following the way towards the slaughterhouse. To avoid this, there is no more choice left apart from building strong institutions with political, monetary and military regional powers.

When Obama was elected, he introduced himself to the World “carrying a branch of olive in his hands”. A paternalistic genetical move led the whole World to adhere to the promise message of the olive branch. Two years later, it is a different story that is down the road : a pathetic one. The good news is Obama is marking the end of those archetype western leaders. In a sense, the worse is behind us.

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