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No-fly zone. Gadhafi warns "The Christian Pact" and the devilish intrusion.

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The pretext of protecting civilians is now behind the coalition which was just looking for a blank check to operate freely and extensively in Libya. And, the Arab League’s political amateurism in "political cynicism" entering that devislish scheme are expressing surprise over the aggressivity of the bombings during the last 24 hours. What were they waiting for ? Were they looking for kissings between French mirages and Gadhafi’s forces ? Shame on the Arab League who, just a week ago from now, voted to back a no-fly zone the U.N. was in need for to transform that coverage into a potential murderer resolution that authorized "any necessary measures" to deal with the no-fly zone and left room open to any kind of operations including the "uncivilized" bombings conducted by the coalition forces those last 24 hours. Shame on that bombings and their perpetrators.

It is no longer about protecting civilians, but bombarding and no matter if in the course, more civilians are killed. 48 civilians are reported dead after the coalition bombings who will deny the killings reporting them to Gadhafi’s forces. The operation have just started and yet the grisly death toll is underway arising skepticism over the coalition real objectives and achievements in Libya.


Concerning the U.S. discourse, there is a sharp contradiction. At first place, they have announced they will not lead the coalition. On the ground, they are effectively leading the 24 hours coalition massive bombings on Libyan soil. So, no matter the announcement of additive and unecessary troops from Qatar and the UAE, it is just a coverage to counter the perception of the endless US leading coalition intervention inside Arab countries : Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. Somalia under Clinton’s humanitarian intervention of restoring hope that turned short.

U.S. reluctant to lead the operation. What a lie. "The U.S. should be participating and should not be at the forefront". They are almost leading it.


President Obama majority is lost and he must show cooperation towards Republicans who are really in command. The new compromise imposes the Republican warmonger views with John McCain as Commander-in-Chief. In "the State of the Union" of the day, John Mc Cain has repeated to Candy Crowley that he regrets the U.S. waited so long to take a decision. But having said that, the point now is to do everything they (the Republicans) can to support President Obama. He insisted, now is no longer time to pull back, instead the situation needs to push forward and to speed up fire within the 2-3 days to come. If the coalition didn’t get rid of President Ghadafi within 5 days, it will be difficult to do so later on for, while the U.S were delaying their decision, Gadhafi’s forces have gained ground. And now it seems too late for the intervention to completely fulfill its objectives.

While asked how long the operation will last ? Until Gadhafi is out of power ? Mc Cain responded "of course. If the operation is to end with Gadhafi still in power, the United Sates will lose credibility and prestige", after President Obama’s many declarations that "Gadhafi should go". Overtime, said McCain, America will prevail. For sure.

We didn’t vote for McCain, but we are implementing McCain international politics and views without him at the head of the State. Devilish.

In a radio address today, Mouammar Gadhafi reacts and asked "Who are you to attack Libyans ? Who gave you the authorization, you barbares ? To lead that monstruosity. This is an aggression without justification. We will fight inch by inch and we will prevail. We have God with us and you have the devil". President Ghadafi calls the bombings "terrorists" and promised a long-drawn war". He added the coalition were "the New Nazis".


We are now used to the long history of corrupted maneuvers inside the UN to get to the point that Arab regimes are the most corruptible states when it comes to oppose them each other. Moreover, we have already expressed doubt over the legitimacy of those Arab League’s leaders under democratic contestations as far as Arab People opinion is concerned. Facing contestations and rebellions as President Gadhafi, it was clear that for them to survive politically, they had little choice left but to say yes to the International French led demand of a no-fly zone in Libya. Listening French President speaking yesterday of Arab people desire to free themselves from their dictatorship’s slavery is an offense to the Arab Youth who are really thinking they will be free at the end of their Spring Revolution. Never forget the French crunchy episod with Tunisian Ben Ali.

Back to the U.N.. As the body leading and pushing any resolution with corruption and any UN security council non veto participation appointment with the same corrupted processes, the credibility of the body is a matter of concern. Just as if Gadhafi could feel in advance the heat of the devislish consequences that all that corruption inside the U.N. may have over his state, Gadhafi last criticism of the lack of democracy inside the last U.N. General Assembly session sounds prophetic.


Gadhafi said first that the Security Council should be appropriately baptised the "Terror council". Second, he showed point by point how the U.N. status were non-democratic and should move ahead changing that. The veto right was an abusive one as well as the Security Council itself. To get to a democratic credible ruling, each voice must count, not some preempted voices.

Had this been the case, a no-fly zone should not have been voted under the pressure of Presidents facing a terrific end of mandate and trying to gain authority and momentum on their national soil.

The violence of the enforcement of the no-fly zone has prompted an emergency meeting that is taking place in Cairo to assess the situation so far. Some Arab League’s countries are expressing reservations over the violence of the bombings. Here is a lesson of an eternal tale : once you have introduced wolfs at home, they won’t leave until they have satisfied their endless thirst for blood.

Africa and Arab League need urgently to change their breathless leaders. Concerning the humanitarian pretext it is amazing a Senator of a State like the Arizona, one of the most racist State in the world and a country like France, champion of discriminations and social relegations of their immigrants people, not to speak of Britain were communities are well separated by an invisible wall and for the two countries (France and Britain) a glass roof is working to operate the racial separations, it is just amazing those three countries can come forward with humanitarian concerns for Libyans leaving in Libya while conducting inhumanitarian social politics at home and undercitizenship categorization of their immigrants people inside the UK, the U.S. and France.

So, please, off the humanitarian masks and put an end to that abusive no-fly zone.

Italy, Canada and other nordic european countries are also helping French and UK’s Libyan aggression, in the name of oil. In an earlier exchange, Libyan officials asked "David Cameron to stop thinking greedily at oil".

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