lundi, 18 juin 2018

With Gaddafi’s assassination, Geneva Conventions are over.

The NTC is announcing the burial of President Moammar Gaddafi early today, Tuesday, after an humiliated treatment and inhuman behavior needly to talk about the breach of Geneva Conventions applying to war prisonners. In this case, Gaddafi falling alive in the hands of rebels and warning them « they were about to commit a sin » is an indeniable proof of live.

Rebels can’t claim a body guard from Gaddafi shot him down, since Gaddafi was under their security control. Whatever the end of the story would come to be by the UN’s investigation to come, two facts are clearly established :

The first one is the close collaboration between NATO’s planes and the rebels on the ground. And inside the NATO’s alliance, between America and France : the two nations at the head of the mission concerning the change of regime in Libya. America and France are at the top of the list of countries that have launched many coup in the World, either in South America, in Africa or in the Middle East.

Second. The Libyan scenario of invasion is a copy of Irak, America lying first to justify an invasion and secondly bringing down the Saddam Hussein regime, replacing it by another puppet’s one that set a farcical court of judgement to sentence Saddam Hussein to death by hanging. No arms of massive destruction have been found, since then. Saddam Hussein was hanged high and short for nothing. The Irakis did the dirty job America asked them to.

Colonel Gaddafi has died from the rebels hands as Saddam died from Irakis. Colonel Gaddafi failed to kill the rebels of Benghazi. But the rebels didn’t. But guess who the « international community » gave support to ? The naked truth is Gaddafi was such a strong man « international community’s leaders » couldn’t compete with that the last thing left for them was to plot against him. It looks so mean especially now that the Brussels agreement on euro rescue fund is begging money from China. Things are getting clearer : Khadafi did not bow down to access the order of bailing out Europe and then we know the following.

Before pushing furiously the Libyan case in the UN, French President was coming out fresh from Cote d’Ivoire coup through another farcical electoral process ; just like America in Irak. French Licorne forces were diplomatically backed there by the UN peacekeepers and the US.

Therefore, not surprisingly, it is a French/US parade over the sky of Libya that put an end to the murderer mission. NATO was a convenient coverage of "the international community’s" support.

This is a written story, from the very beginning, imposed on the hands of the rebels. « We will help you to capture the man. But, as soon as you hold him, kill him right out ». You don’t need to enter a special training course of intelligence or something, this is an historic framework colonialist nations (Dutch, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, France and the US) have been leading and performing for centuries. The cases of Israel, China and Russia are territorial fights.

Today, France and America are the last nations on the international stage to go on with the colonialist scheme. The UN, the NATO and the ICC are some of the tools in their hands to conduct their international affairs, the Rainbow way meaning : mercenary practices, excessive use of strenght, preempted wars, coup and assassinations of political leaders are on the top of their international agenda.

How could the UN, as an accomplice, lead a neutral investigation without bias ? It’s just an impossible mission. The self- proclaimed "international community" has gotten what they wanted so much : the head of Gaddafi. Gaddafi is dead. Let the man rest in peace.

« Gaddafi will stay in our memory as a Great Fighter » : Hugo Chavez

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